In The Community

Project Red White and Blue is honored to give back to our local heroes.  In some cases, the needs are sensitive in nature and, out of respect for the families, go unmentioned to the public.  Some assistance is made anonymously.  Here are a couple of success stories that our heroes were happy to share:

In December 2012, Project Red White and Blue was able to help Bud, a retired Navy veteran and Sheriff Deputy, in need of reliable transportation.  Thanks to our sponsors and contributors, we were able to provide Bud with a Chevrolet Tahoe.

 In February 2013, a Navy veteran's family home was destroyed in a fire, along with everything else that they owned.  While insurance would eventually come with some aide, the family had immediate needs for clothes, lodging, food - the essentials to simply survive.  Project Red White and Blue was able to provide the family with some money to purchase new clothes and stay in a warm bed, whatever their needs were, to hold them over until insurance came through.

These are just a couple of examples of the people that Project Red White and Blue was able to help thanks to the support of many.  Please consider joining the efforts of Project Red White and Blue to we can spread our out reach.